How to get lean and stronger

Proper diet for hiit weight training

Eat right for best results with hiit weight training

meals and diet

To get the full benefits from doing hiit weight training then eating the right diet for maximum energy and power is super important.

After you’ve finish a hiit workout your body will be starving for nourishment. This is when you  get the most benefit from your workouts. You get stronger and make real advances during this recovery process. But you have to feed it the right foods.

Your body is very smart and it does not like breaks from its normal routine. So if your day starts with a donut and a cup of coffee before you hit the skids and ends with a small pizza pie and you do this for a long enough period of time – a month, six months – then your body gets use to this type of diet. Any break from this routine will send it to a panic mode because it will have to make adjustments.

In a similar same way – when you start or ramp up exercising – your body interprets this as a stressful situation. You are using excess oxygen, causing damage to tissues and depleting body fluids. To deal with this it has to call on the reserves to replenish the excess energy being called for.

It will deplete the first source of quick fuel which comes from the carbs you consumed recently. After this source runs dry (about fifteen to twenty minutes) it goes to the reserve which is your stored fats. This is the point at which you begin to burn that excess belly fat and eliminate cellulite. Of course this process can be accelerated by doing hiit workouts.

If you are supplying your body with the proper diet for hiit weight training it will respond to the need for extra fuel more efficiently and your body’s stress level will not be as severe.

Keep in mind that the point of doing hiit workouts is to give yourself the added stress in-order to burn the excess fat.

The need for proper balance diet

You must eat and drink the right  foods to replenish what you lost during your hiit workouts and to help your body during the necessary recovery process. Again this is when you build strength and get leaner.

A good diet will consist of a balanced supply of the protein, carbs and fats. Your protein should be sufficient to replenish and repair damaged tissue.

To resupply your body with the necessary fuel for energy you have to give it the right amount of carbs and fats.

Hydration is super important when doing hiit weight training. Drinking the right fluids will supply the necessary liquids to make sure your body’s furnace is firing correctly. Lots of trainers recommend using water with added sweeteners. I have always advocated against this because I believe you are then training your body to depend on extra sugars throughout the day for energy.

Water is my drink of choice. Unless you are a bodybuilder preparing for competition there is no reason to deny your body the necessary fluids for hydration while exercising. You should take in water before, during and after each workout as well as throughout the day.

Sample diet for all day fuel

For years I have used the following formula with good results.Image result for meal plan for hiit training

Breakfast consisted of a whole grain cereal followed by a two eggs (white and yolk) , natural juice -orange or apple – and a cup of tea. I enjoy eating good fibrous fruits so this was my mid-morning snack.

Lunch was made up of healthy greens, lentils and tuna or salmon.

Mid-afternoon I had a healthy protein shake which supplied me with enough fuel to power me through a hiit workout at seven o ‘ clock in the evening.

For my evening meals I had a plate with the right proportions of each food group. After my workout I drank a whey protein shake to feed and repair my body.

Lately I have been doing my workouts in the morning so I have had to adjust accordingly. However I continue to stick to the same diet routine and my weight has varied only slightly over the years.

You need to give your body enough of the necessary nutrients to supply the demand hiit weight training puts on it . . . . while doing it and during the recovery phase.

Timing of your meals is important. Plan your meals so you will have all day energy without the afternoon crashes. Energize your workouts with clean fuel and you are well on your way to health and fitness.