Hello my name is Owen and I am your fitness messenger. I refer to my self as the fitness messenger because I see it as my duty to inform as may people as I can about the benefits of living a healthy and fit life – no matter your age or body type. I also like to keep my community updated on the latest advances in exercising.

I have been an avid exerciser many years and a personal trainer since 2005. It makes me totally jazzed to see lives transformed from an unfit and unhealthy condition . . . . to a vibrant and healthy state. I have been exercising for the better part of twenty years and I am one of those individuals who had to do a complete lifestyle change.

You see for years I was stuck at an office job where I would sit for hours on end at my desk and as a result became terribly out of shape. It took seeing my mother suffer from being a type 2 diabetic and my sister becoming pre-diabetic for me to realize that it would be just a matter of time before I would be going down the same path.

I vowed that their condition wouldn’t happen to me. I changed my woeful diet and lack of physical exercise and began a consistent workout program aimed at shedding the fat and building more muscle. Thank God I have been fortunate so far to dodge the bullet.

Many of my close relatives have developed this disease and go through the daily struggle of administering insulin and other drugs just to have a life. Along the way I became highly motivated and took exercising to the next level by becoming a trainer.

Doing HIIT and weight training was the number one way in which I was able to transform my body and mind.

The next time you are out and about . . . . notice the number of over weight and obese people walking by. It has become an epidemic that’s placing a huge burden on our health care system and will only get worse if drastic measures aren’t taken to stop it.

My plan is to have this site reach as many people as possible who are suffering from being overweight or obese and get them to undergo the same lifestyle changes I did. I have spent many hours in the gym and at home honing my skills as a trainer and teaching what I have learned to clients.

I will offer exercise plans as well as products or tools to help with the weight loss process. Hopefully, I can have a positive impact on those who need these life changing skills.

To your best health,






Owen Lecky, your Fitness Messenger