How to get lean and stronger

Lose the jelly belly with hiit workouts

If you don’t start a program to get rid of that excess jelly belly forming around your waist  . . . . in two years or less it’s going to be that much bigger and it’s going to be even harder to shed. Also, carrying excess belly fat can be an indication of underlying health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Some of the main causes of this extra baggage are poor diet, a lack of a good and consistent workout routine, aging, high stress levels and poor sleeping habits. These things should not lead to weight gain because you are in control of your body. How you take care of it now will directly reflect on it’s outward appearance and improve your quality of life . . . . now and in the future.

If you are like the majority and find yourself developing giggly belly around your waist it’s your fault. Don’t blame the job, your family, stress, lack of time . . . . whatever. You are the reason this happened to you.

Now let’s fix it.

That jelly belly didn’t happen over night so expect it to take some concerted effort to get rid of.

Here is a six step process to get rid of the growing love handles:

  1. The number one cause of jelly belly is your diet. If you are consuming foods that are overly processed . . . . just stop right now. These include anything that’s loaded with flour – pizza, cakes, breads, etc. Sugary drinks must go . . . . you know what they are. Begin reading the label on any “packaged foods’ you buy. Substitute natural products for processed – fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, lean meats.
  2. You must start a consistent workout program. This is not the usual sit-up, push-up and run a mile at steady pace – workout. And although its a start you will need to step it up by doing what I call hiit weight training. Ditch the steady state jogs and runs and start doing interval training.
  3. Determine the causes of stress in your life and deal with them one at a time until you have a handle on them. One way to deal with stress is to start meditating. I started meditation and it changed my life. The mornings are the best times to do this . . . . before your day starts. Get up fifteen minutes earlier and find a quiet place to meditate.
  4. Many of us are able to function on four hours of sleep but to fully rejuvenate you need to get at least seven to eight hours of restful sleep. Playing catchup on the weekends or on vacation is not the answer.
  5. If you plan on having children then establish an after birth program to shed the excess baby weight. This is a major problem women must deal with . . . . and if not taken care of in the early stages will lead to jelly belly.
  6. As we age our metabolism slows down and we also become more sedentary. Neglecting steps 1 -4 above is a sure way to develop jelly belly.

Lets face facts – you are not going to look like you did when you were twenty or even thirty but neglecting proper diet and exercises is a sure way to develop unwanted belly fat. If you haven’t done so as yet – join a gym or start one at home and seek out the help of a certified nutritionist. You can find many good ones online.

The solution for jelly belly is really simple. Don’t let excuses or lack of motivation stop you from getting fit and healthy. Take the initiative . . . . do something about it before it reaches the point where you think nothing can help.

Studies have shown that it’s never too late to start an exercise program. Try this trick to jump start your workout habit. Tell yourself how wonderful you are going to feel and look next week after just four days of exercising. Then extend it to a month and then to three months. A habit is formed after doing something for three short weeks. Start forming the exercise habit now.

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Take up a sport – swimming, tennis, cycling, martial arts, running, basketball. Doing hiit weight training will improve your game and make you stronger and leaner in the process.

The invention of the remote control was a good thing but its made us lazy. It has caused our modern society to gain an extra inch or two around the waist. Long gone are the days when you had to get up the change the channel. You can literally sit on the couch and watch TV all day without having to move a foot if you are so inclined. Thank God for hunger ( smile). Don’t be a couch potato. Move.

Register for our free weight loss guide. Start using the steps outlined in it and watch the jelly belly disappear.