How to get lean and stronger

What is your body type? Are you an ectomorph or an endomorph?

How to do hiit weight training according to your body-type

If you are exercising but still gaining weight it maybe because of your body-type. There are three main body types as classified by science – ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

We all fall into one of these categories -whether directly or on the cusp. They determine how we should do hiit weight training. The goals are similar for the three classifications – to improve physique – but the type of workout differs for each group depending on the physical makeup.

For each group to realize good health and fitness, they must eat right for their body-type and engage in consistent daily activity that will get the best results.


Those classified as ectomorphs have a slim body-type and would normally find it hard to gain weight. Because of their thin body frame they need to increase their food intake and do targeted exercises to gain weight. They need to work harder and be more dedicated to develop a good physique.

Its easy for an ectomorph to lose weight. Good examples of this body type would be models and long distance runners.

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Those with this body-type need to cut back on the amount of cardio exercises and focus more on strength training by doing targeted resistance workouts. Your diet should include 5 % more protein per meal than you normally consume.

Ectomorphs should aim to increase the weights over time. This will stimulate their muscles to grow at a steady rate and improve their physical appearance.

I would recommend two days of hiit workouts which can be fifteen to twenty minutes and three days resistance training. On non-interval training days you can still do cardio by walking or running at a slower pace.


In contrast – those who are endomorphs tend to be on the heavier side and losing weight doesn’t come as easy for this group.

They need to eat foods that are not conducive to weight gain  . . . . and staying physically active is almost a requirement to keep weight in check.

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To cut the body fat they must increase their cardio activity to do hiit weight training at least three days per week and eat foods that are conductive to weight loss such as lean meats, fish and poultry and less dairy products. Include more fibrous carbohydrates with each meal.

I would recommend doing lighter weights with higher repetitions and include multi-joint exercises – such as bench presses, squats, shoulder presses and burpees – in their routines. Less rest is required between sets which will aid in burning more calories.


Mesomorphs are those people who can exercise for fifteen minutes and look like they have been in the gym for hours. They have a sturdier body frame and it’s easy for them to gain muscularity.

Those with this body-type fall between ectomorphs and endomorphs and can gain or lose weight easier than the other two. Although it’s incumbent on them to eat a healthy  diet they can be more liberal with what they have at each meal.

Cusp body-types

Many of us don’t fit exactly in any of the three body types but are on the cusp. One way to determine which classification you fall under is to examine your bone structure.

If your frame is small but you are weighting over 200 pounds (male or female) you will still be classed as an ectomorph however the rules for developing a good physique will now be similar to that of an endomorph.

Similarly, if you have a large frame with minimal ‘meat on your bones’ then follow the routine for ectomorphs.

Exercise and diet affects each body-type differently but it’s necessary for all groups to engage in some form of consistent physical activity in-order to realize good health and fitness.

Form and technique are important for all three groups so be sure to get a trainer to demonstrate proper lifting and training methods.

P.S.  Most of us want to have a body like a mesomorphic individual, however it takes a focused effort to gain or lose weight. We can all be healthy in whatever body-type group we fall in – the important thing is that we get started now on a proper diet and exercise routine.

P.P.S.  An easy way to get started on your fitness journey is by starting a home gym. Visit The Human Trainer for more information.


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