Hiit Weight Training
The best way to get lean and stronger

Fitness for the growing senior community If you’ve been working for the last thirty years and have finally decided to call it quits – congratulations. Now starts the next phase of your life – enjoying the freedom to live a healthy and prosperous life – hopefully fulfilling your lifelong dreams. No more getting up at o’dark…(Read More)

How to use Hiit weight training to develop your shoulders To really develop your shoulders muscles takes dedication and targeting with the right exercises over a longer period of time than most other muscle groups. Some people are able to get good results fast while others like myself really have to work hard to at…(Read More)

  Want to get rid of cellulite and build a rock solid foundation? The strongest and arguably most important muscle groups in your body are legs and glutes. I refer to them as the foundation of the body. They have to carry us around all our lives.  Strong legs translate into good balance and fluid…(Read More)

Reduce your workout time with Hiit weight training How much time did you spend exercising this past week? If you are like most people you could probably count the number of minutes on one hand. You are thinking ‘ if only someone could come up with a way to do a full week’s worth of…(Read More)

If you’ve been exercising for a while, chances are that you’ve had to deal with some form of injury. It could be anything from a sprained ankle to stress fracture to nagging back or knee problems. Minor injuries can be dealt with by resting and giving your body a chance to recover. These…(Read More)

Defend yourself against bullies Have you ever been in a situation where you were defenseless – no one around to help you or no weapons to defend yourself with – and you are faced by an unrelenting aggressor? Or maybe you have seen others – even family members – being bullied or assaulted and felt helpless to defend against…(Read More)

    Stretching for warm-up and flexibility There is nothing worse than getting a ‘charlie horse’ or ‘pulled hamstring’ from exercising without proper warm-ups. It has happened to me on more than one occasion – from a mild condition to severe one. The importance of a good warmup or stretching routine can’t be…(Read More)

Calculate the number of calories you need to burn The importance of a nutritionist For HIIT weight training to be effective it’s important to know how to calculate the number of calories we need to burn from exercising in order to lose or maintain ideal weight. With help from your doctor or a nutritionist…(Read More)

  How long should I exercise? Duration Duration is the length of time you spend doing something. In this post I’ll discuss how to apply duration and frequency to HIIT weight training. If you are just starting a workout program then you don’t want to burn yourself out and get discouraged by going…(Read More)

How hard should you exercise when doing HIIT weight training? There are three main parts to exercising – intensity, duration and frequency. To improve your performance and fitness level – keep these three things in mind. They go a long way in enhancing the benefits you get from exercising . . . . especially when doing HIIT training. High intensity…(Read More)