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How to neutralize bullies with Krav Maga

Defend yourself against bullies

Have you ever been in a situation where you were defenseless – no one around to help you or no weapons to defend yourself with – and you are faced by an unrelenting aggressor? Or maybe you have seen others – even family members – being bullied or assaulted and felt helpless to defend against the bully or aggressor. Hopefully none of these things have ever happened to you but if they did . . . . you would know the feeling of helplessness that can go along with it.

What is Krav Maga

Well now you have an option that can literally be a life-saver for you and your family. Its called the MaxKravMaga self defense method that teaches you how to quickly take down an attacker. Its is a form of self-defense that’s taught to special forces and other elite units by one of the most respected trainers in the world – Eyal Yanilov.

Eyal and his team has broken down hundreds of defensive techniques and moves to neutralize bullies and recorded them on a set of DVD recordings that you can learn in the privacy of your home. No need to go to a Dojo or hire an expensive trainer. You can practice these moves over and over – as many times as you like – until they become automatic.

If you are one of those people who need to learn self defense – the kind that’s used by the military, police and certain special government agencies – that’s quick and practical, then you need to train in the Max Krav Maga method. Don’t be a victim of bullying whether in school, in the streets or at home. Don’t go another day living in fear.

Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga  prepares you to deal with real-world situations by teaching extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks. There are no belts in Krav Maga like in other self defense methods . . . . just straight forward defensive techniques to get away from your attacker. If you or your family or friends are being bullied, this is the most efficient way to neutralize the attacker and get away as quickly as possible.

Who needs to learn Krav Maga?

Anyone can learn these defensive moves in a short time – whether you are a 90 pound weakling or you are eighty years old or a female, there is no better way that I know of that’s as effective in disabling an aggressor as Eyal’s MaxKravMaga training methods.

Eyal Yanilov Max Krav Maga

Assaults on women – whether by a rapist or robber or even worse . . . a spouse – has not diminished and in fact has gone up in many areas and continues to be a serious problem on many college campuses. The local police blotter is loaded with cases of women pleading with their attacker only to be subjected to repeated vicious attacks by their perpetrator.

Don’t be come a victim. Do you know that the only woman to escape Ted Bundy’s murderous assaults was one who fought back? You now have an opportunity to improve your chances of preventing yourself from becoming the a victim. Learn the MaxKravMaga method of self defense. Disarm your assailant in an instant.

Why Krav maga

The purpose of learning to defend yourself is to give you an opportunity to get away from your assailant. It’s not like some TV show where you disarm the attacker and gloat or hang about . . . . but to get as far away as possible from your assailant. Now you can neutralize bullies with ‘easy to learn’ Krav Maga defensive techniques.

Some of the things you will get from this program includes:

  1. Mental training and combat mindset module
  2. Eyal Yanilov’s Masterclass Seminar module
  3. Anti-carjacking and road rage
  4. Using firearms as non-lethal weapons

In-spite of the more than 20 hours and over 600 techniques, his program is well organized and easy to follow. It comes with a full 60 day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied you will get every penny back.

In addition to learning this type of self defense you will also get into great shape by doing the various movements repeatedly. Improve your breathing and circulation each time you practice these fantastic defensive workouts.

To get access to a lot more information on MaxKravMaga click here now.

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  1. What I have seen with this style looks effective in the street, but how does it compare to Wing Tsun Kung Fu as taught by Great Grand master Leung Ting? I studied karate, judo, some aikido, wrestling and a little boxing. Wing Tsun is superior to all of the styles I studied before I started training with Sifu Brandon. He was taught by Master Leung Ting. I am a third generation student but I am getting too old for training. I used to work out for eight hours a day. Every day. Wing Tsun is so quick it generates incredible impact force with high velocity strikes that geometrically generates power with the combination of leverage, velocity, and an adduction stance that glues you to the ground and can be used in multiple ways. It is simple and based on REFLEXIVE RESPONSES to an attack. How would Krav Maga compare to that?